• Candice Williams

End of summer blues – How to overcome them

Updated: Jan 26

 I can’t believe summer is coming to an end.

I feel like new years was just the other day.

Time is escaping me y’all. Send help please.

If you’re like me, you live for summer.

You are summer (LEO BABIES REPRESENT).

You enjoy the sun and find any chance to feel the sun on your skin.

In my opinion, summertime is where you have the most fun. *My birthday is in July I am very biased*

Parties, bbq, sleepovers (water fights back in the day), coming out the club at 5am and the sun has already risen.

I know, it’s embarrassing but it happens.

Some may experience what I like to call, end of summer blues.

Dreading going back to school, going back to work and getting back into a work routine.

But if we want to progress we’ve got to do what we’ve go to do!

I find that these tips help me to overcome the summer blues.

• Think of all the good times you’ve had this summer

Did you go on holiday, spend time with friends, go to bbq picnics? Reminisce on the memories!

What about writing it down?!

It would be nice to go back and see all the things you’ve done.

I like to make little slideshows and I’ve just got into making clips and editing them (one of the hardest things, I must say) but it looks like a movie reel of my summer.

It’s great fun.

• Getting back into a solid routine

Although going back to school may be a little damper, not everyone has the luxury of doing so we are grateful for to have a job!

• Chances for progression

Going back to work gives you the opportunity to learn and grow.

We have goals so this is the time to put in the work and effort to see how far it takes us.

• Make sure you have something to look forward to

Work may be overwhelming at times.

It is important that you give yourself a break.

Perhaps arrange lunch with your friends.

You work hard so you need to make sure you reward yourself as well.

What I like to do is to plan a trip at least once a year.

I understand everyone has bills to pay and getting time of work may be a pain but the world is so beautiful there is always something new to explore.

• Don’t forget about your self care routine! After a long day at work, now it is time to put some energy back into you!

Make yourself some dinner, watch your favorite tv show, light a candle, run a bath.

Have some ME time and make sure you get enough sleep so you feel refreshed tomorrow.

Summer hasn’t ended as yet so let us make the most of it!

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