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  • Candice Williams

Graduating University- What’s next?

Updated: Jan 26

Congratulations! You’ve have finished university.

As a young adult (as a human period) completing university is a big milestone.

So pat yourself on the back for getting your degree.

Finishing university is something that not everyone can do. Its extremely stressful yet so rewarding.

Years of hard work ( and hard partying in my case) has come to an end and now you are free!!

It’s amazing how fast time flies.

Moving into halls, meeting new people, studying, writing assignments and partying. The roller coaster is now over.

What now??

I hope you don’t feel rushed to get the ball rolling and jump into the deep end trying to figure out your career path.

First things first, you can now enjoy summer without feeling guilty.

You worked hard all year (especially in final year); completing your dissertation and carrying out your final assignments for your grades. Now it’s all behind you.

You’ve done the best that you could so now you deserve to enjoy your time off.

Hang out with your friends, plan trips and take full advantage of not studying anymore.

Once you’ve completed your exams/assignments, you may want to start thinking of the next steps that you need to take.

Perhaps you want to travel, work part time or take a year out to figure out what you want to do, now is the perfect time!

Schedule some much needed ‘Me time’. You’ve been under time constraints and a lot of stress. It’s time to unwind and relax and you can do that by: – Getting the sleep that you may have missed out on during study period. During the weeks leading up to my final exams, I had a strict schedule: waking up super early (before 5AM), workout, go to classes, return home and study. I was not getting the recommended sleep necessary therefore I did not perform to the best of my ability.

– Eat regularly and exercise: Staying fit and healthy reduces stress levels and makes you feel good.

– Do activities that you may have put on hold due to university. I used to go to dance classes regularly and I am definitely consider picking it back up. I miss it so much.

I know of a few people that were able to secure graduate jobs post graduating university.

Most of their roles started in September so they have a couple of months to bask in the sunshine before joining the workforce.

They were able to have fun throughout the summer months and didn’t miss out on experiences because they were stuck at work.

I hope you find the perfect balance after some much needed reflection time.

Give yourself a break.

Rediscover yourself first and give back to yourself.

You’ve done well and I’m proud of you.