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  • Candice Williams

How to remain as calm as possible

Updated: Jan 26

This week alone *first week of August 2019*, I’ve had four interviews. Monday to Thursday. It has been a nerve wreaking week to say the least but we have made it to Friday.

In order to keep your stress levels it is best to keep these tips in mind when attending an interview.

Firstly, aim to arrive to the location at least 10-15 minutes early.

I would strongly advise this especially if you need to find parking and you are not 100% as to where you are going.

For me, I like to always make sure I have time to park my car, take my time and give myself a mini pep talk to remind myself that I CAN DO THIS.

Secondly, when I’m nervous I tend to sweat more (plus if I’m rushing, that adds to the sweat) so get there with ample time so you can sit down and relax before being called in for your interview.

Thirdly, it is important that you think about possible questions that the interviewer may ask you.

You want to stand out amongst the other candidates so think about the standard questions such as “Why do you think you’re a perfect fit for this role?” “What skills do you need to succeed in this role?”

AND, it would be best to think of questions that YOU may want to ask.

It doesn’t have to be a long complex question maybe it be a question revolving around the training process such as “How long is the training process?”

This shows your enthusiasm and employers like that. READ SOME IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT THE COMPANY. They like to see that you’re showing interest in the role.

Fourthly, remain in the room. I know it’s hard to not overthink what you are going to stay but try to be present and alert. Look like you want to be there.

**Even though, if you’re like me, you cant wait until the interview is over**

Like I mentioned before, show that you are interested! Make eye contact to let them know that you are listening to what is being said.

In addition, breathe and go slowly. Think before you speak. Ask the interviewers to repeat the questions if necessary. It is best to know what is being asked of you instead of taking a guess.

Being confident and open is an important trait to demonstrate in the interview stage. Employers want employees who will be able to hold their own whilst being professional.

More importantly, try to inject some of your personality in the interview.

At one of my most recent interviews, I was asked what I do in my spare time. I said that I like to read and I mentioned the title of the book that I was reading at the time.

To my surprise, the interviewer said that a few of her friends recommended the same book to her! That was a cute moment ha!

Most of allllllllll……

At any time if you are feeling discouraged just think to yourself that you’ve made it this far, you must be doing something right!

Only a small percentage (usually less than 5) of the total candidates that apply actually get contacted for an interview so be proud of yourself!

If unfortunately, you don’t get the role, don’t let it discourage you from applying to other roles! You have the experience of attending an interview so you know what to expect.

If you aim to go the extra mile, you could contact the employers to find out what you can improve upon so you will know what to do better next time.

You are awesome! You got this far and you will get as far as your mind will allow.

Keep going and don’t give up.

All the best for the future.