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  • Candice Williams

How to upkeep your New Years’ resolutions

Updated: Jan 26

We have almost finished the first quarter of 2019. Crazy!

3 months are complete, and we are settled into the year. It’s almost spring God dammit.

How are your New Years’ ‘resolutions’ holding up? I say resolutions in quotation marks as I stopped making resolutions years ago. To me, I think making resolutions puts pressure on yourself.

I must get this done. I must lose 20 pounds to get the perfect bikini body.

Everyone is entitled to do what is suitable for them.

I find that setting goals is suitable to me. A couple of years ago, towards the end of the year, I would write a list of things I would like to accomplish this time next year.

The list included: Buy a new car and find a job in the field of Psychology.

Let me tell you. I put so much thought and spoke positive affirmations into my life.

By June of 2018, I achieved a few of my goals.


I was blown away. I didn’t have a time frame as to when I would accomplish my goals however, I did speak on it everyday and the beautiful universe listened to me.

And it will listen to you as well.

I believe that at times, we put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves to fulfil our resolutions. Sometimes we focus on them so much that we neglect other areas in our lives.

Try not to focus on when these goals will happen. If you give it positive energy and attention, it will happen. Breaking up your list will make it less daunting and more achievable.

In order to focus on your goals, write a list of what you would like to achieve. Make them SMART (specific, manageable, achievable, realistic, timed). Break your goals down month by month.

Perhaps write a list of goals for April alone. That way you can sharpen your focus without feeling overwhelmed by a longer list. Then speak on your goals.

“I will accomplish…” Say it every day.

Reflect on your goals at the end of every month. If you didn’t achieve the goals you set for this month, so what?! Move it to the top of the list of goals to accomplish for next month.

Just because its already the end of March, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fresh start. Everyday is a fresh start so is every month.

Declutter and try again. Don’t limit yourself or your time.

If you want something hard enough, focus on it and it will come to you through the law of attraction.

Keep going, speak positivity into your life and see what will happen!

Thanks for reading.

Take care of yourself.