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Staying At Home

Hi everyone! I hope you are well and are taking care of yourself. In lieu of all that is going on in the world, I decided to ask a few people how they are dealing with staying at home and how this has impacted their mental health. Here are there responses: Q: Do you prefer to stay at home: Anisha- I don’t mind

Yasmin= Yes, I would rather work from home.

Sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather.

E-Sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather

Sach- Sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather

Naomi- sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather

Kiana- Sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather.

Irham- Sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather.

C- Sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather.

Jennifer- I don't mind.

Narah- Sometimes, depending on my mood and/or weather

Q: What does staying at home mean for you? Anisha- Staying at home means I can have time for myself and enjoy my own company. I can also reboot myself and work on things I may have not had time to focus on previously.

Katherine- Not being able to do the things you would normally do on a day to day basis I can also practice self-care more and work on methods to keep my mental health stable

Sach-Feeling restricted or trapped in my house. Usually, I am a homebody and enjoy staying at home. Somehow the mentality is different once you’ve been “ordered” to be here.

E-Staying in my house, safe.

Yasmin- My own free time, being alone and getting things done, being alone with my own thoughts, re-educating myself, learning about me and how to love myself. My sanctuary is my room. Creative space to sew, read, blog and vlog, etc.

Naomi- It means relaxing, sometimes recharging if it’s been a busy week and spending time with family

Kiana- Today it means keeping up with social distancing and thus protecting those around me who are more vulnerable to catching COVID19. Under usual circumstances, it means not having castings or work and just staying indoors and saving my money.

Irham- A time to heal and grow

Narah- Staying at home means no forced pressure to go out. However, being forced to stay a home means I want to go out. Lol

C- Honestly it doesn’t mean too much. Currently probably just uncertainty and usefulness. As in how I can get things done etc.

Jennifer-Boredom, lack of motivation, the opportunity to binge on food and TV

Q: Do you believe that staying home is having an impact on your mental health? If yes, please state why. Anisha- Personally no. I do think it can depending on the person just because sometimes people do suffer from anxiety and fresh air is good for you to clear your mind. Also, some people may not enjoy being locked inside so it could cause more pressure and make their anxiety more present. The reason why I said no for me is because I’ve learned to enjoy being at home and I am not so dependent on having to socialize to stay happy or feel content. Having said that I have had a few episodes of triggers to my mental health. I usually result in sleeping when this usually happens but trying out different techniques to gain control of your mental health is also important. So just gasping in the fresh air and sun in my garden has helped me also

Katherine- So Far no but feeling more tired than usual.

Yasmin- Yes to a certain extent, it can get lonely and depressing but no at the same time because of my moods I believe I have a social tap out and I'm also an introvert. I feel it may have more an impact on peoples mental health if they're extroverted, whereas people like me are happy in their space at home. However having said that, being from the Caribbean, I love the outside and can spend the whole day out there with people or a person & alone, but then I can spend a day inside or in the front or back yard or veranda, whereas over here in western society it can be very depressing.

E-It can do, sometimes I feel like all I want to do is stay at home but in reality, going out helps lift my mood and distract me from my worries. Staying in too long can give me too much time to reflect instead of being proactive.

Sach-A little. I definitely feel like I’m a lot more anxious. I also feel powerless and hopeless about getting back to my regular life. Just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Naomi- it’s not having effects on my mental health

Kiana= No, I’m trying to upkeep a routine where I set out daily tasks for me to accomplish so I feel positive achieving something whilst indoors.

Irham- Yes but sometimes my anxiety flares up but it's teaching me how to deal with more so now than ever.

C- Yes, more time to think and ponder on things. Extended periods of quiet times can bring up thin ha you haven’t healed from or resolved.

Jennifer- I continue to work at present

Narah- Um it can, however, I am trying to get going remembering that my work or purpose doesn't stop because I am inside. Focus helps me to not get depressed.

Q: If you have a mental health condition, have you received any help? If not, would you be willing to? Anisha: I have had counseling sessions in the past. I would definitely recommend it to anyone even if they do not suffer from any mental health conditions. Although it can be scary, it is easier to open up than you think and it’s a healthy way to start making a change of healing and learning helpful ways to deal with your problems. However, sometimes taking time out to really get to know yourself, your triggers, your thoughts and etc. is very important. I say this because it’s all about your personal growth and knowing your true self is key. So then you create your own ways to deal with your mental health when maybe counseling is not an option.

Yasmin- I did go to the doctors about having depression or as they like to call it, low moods, I was asked if I wanted to go on medication, I kindly declined. I trip back home or to Honduras for my mental health will be all I need for my sanity. Not no pills to make things ten times worse.

E-I have anxiety, I have received help on various occasions with varying results

sach-Undiagnosed. I had plans to do this next month but then COVID-19 happened

Naomi- n/a

Kiana- n/a

Irham- No I have not. Maybe

C- Limited help received

Jennifer- n/a

Narah- I have in the past.

Q: Has your mental health improved or not improved since being at home? Anisha- In many ways yes. Also, people have noticed that I am a lot more positive and happier but that doesn’t mean I don’t get my days where life feels like it’s a struggle.

Katherine- Stayed the same so far

Yasmin- I wouldn't know, I feel as I've always felt, which is in limbo in London, in the Caribbean, happy and liberated and at peace

E-Probably not

Sach-Not improved- deteriorated somewhat

Naomi- stayed the same

Kiana- It’s somewhat remained the same, although I do feel like being around my family 24/7 is taking its toll on me. I try and portion of an hour or two of solitude in my room.

Irham- Improved

C- Work in progress

Jennifer- I am not working from home, yet

Narah- It's slowly improving. I've been more or less at home for 3 months now as I work from home but being kept in and not having the freedom to go out has been both a blessing and a curse.

Q: Staying home has made me... Anisha- More productive! I've completed tasks that I put off for months.

Katherine=Tired! Having nothing to do makes me super tired!

Yasmin- More productive! I've completed tasks that I put off for months. Tired! Having nothing to do makes me super tired! Grateful for time spent with my family/friends

E-Tired! Having nothing to do makes me super tired.

Sach-More productive! I've completed tasks that I put off for months. Tired! Having nothing to do makes me super tired!

Naomi- More productive! I've completed tasks that I put off for months. Grateful for time spent with my family/friends

Kiana- More productive! I've completed tasks that I put off for months.

Irham- More productive! I've completed tasks that I put off for months.

C-Grateful for time spent with my family/friends

Narah- More productive! I've completed tasks that I put off for months. Tired! Having nothing to do makes me super tired! Grateful for time spent with my family/friends

Q: Since being at home, what have you been up to? Anisha- Enjoying being able to catch up on sleep. Knocking back into my creative abilities and starting challenges for myself that I have wanted to start for years.

Katherine-Lucky to still be able to work but when it comes to weekend/finished workday I’ve been compulsively playing animal crossing.

Yasmin- Editing videos, writing a blog post, reading, Netflix, sleeping, eating, sewing and fabric sourcing, basically in process of designing my collection.

E-Gaming and watching tv, basically distracting myself

Sach- Picked up Portuguese again, cooking more, cleaning more, completing the odd home workout, Netflix partying and playing The Sims.

Naomi- Tidied my whole room, thrown out things I don’t need, chosen items to give to charity. I’ve also started redecorating

Kiana- I’ve tidied areas of the house that I’ve been meaning to, listened to new music and been trying to keep up with learning Spanish. I have also tried out new recipes that I hadn’t had the time for previously - or at least I told myself I didn’t. Slowly but surely becoming more proud of the space I live in.

Irham- Started off Netflixing then started to officially work from home. I've completed some DIY tasks to jazz up my room. Redecorated my space. Studying. Starting to cook more of my meals. Working out 3x a week looking to extend this weekly.

C- Tidying up, working from home and resting.

Narah- Writing a script, Sending time with siblings, Playing games, Reading and studying the Bible, Contemplating whether I need to do the same work and Planning ways to support my community.

Thank you for taking the time to read! We are all in this together so take time to focus on your mental health and overall wellbeing. Take care. Big thanks to all those who contributed to this blog post: @irhamxo @narahnoirefidem @byyasmarie_ @_yasmarie @_.anishawilliamsx

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