• Candice Williams

Taking A Break

Updated: Apr 4

I need to take my own advice

And know when to take breaks!

Working hard sometimes involves going going and going but that’s an unhealthy habit to have. For the working tax paying population that means working countless hours and sometimes only having 48 hours to have a social life, do your hobbies, see your family and raise kids (god bless those who work 9-5 while raising kids and being active, HOW DO YOU DO IT?!) And for the students, that means putting hours of studying in, going to the library,writing revision notes and trying to train your brain to remember all that you can. I’m in boat two at the moment. Being a masters student is no joke. I have a 5000 word assignment due next week, I have started studying for my exam in April, I have to make sure I read the upcoming lecture notes for each class with the key readings.. it is a lot to deal with but I have to remind myself that it is a blessing to be studying something that I am passionate about. With all that is going on, with an ever growing list of things to get done, sometimes I even forget to eat. It’s terrible, I know but if you’re like me you must take breaks at times. Studies show that not taking breaks is detrimental to your emotional and physical wellness and those who do take a break have a higher level of job engagement.. Even if taking a break means going for a 5 minute walk, making sure you fuel your body or just getting up for a stretch, make sure you don’t neglect yourself as it could have a lasting impact. Hustle the healthy way and take care of yourself. Thanks for reading, take care.

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