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  • Candice Williams

Tracking your mental health daily

Updated: Jan 26

Everything is splendid.

Work is going well.

You get along with your colleagues.

Your relationships are blossoming.

Everything is looking up and up which is great, but this is LIFE.

Life will throw curve balls at you when you’re least expecting.

You cannot control every detail of your life however; you can control how you will react to it.

Even when you feel that things are on the up and up its important to keep track of your wellbeing.

Self-care should be part of your daily routine.

Adjusting your routine to fit your busy schedule is OK!

If you can take a small portion of your day to solely focus on self-care, you will be invincible.

As part of my daily self-care routine: I monitor my mood, goals for the month, daily habit tracker and I look at my to do list for the week.

My daily tracker

As you can see there are certain things that I do at least once a day. Things like cleaning my crystals I aim to do at least once a week.

Writing in my journal every single day is a necessity as I need an outlet to write down my emotions and any activities that I have done that day.

Practicing Spanish is important as it keeps my mind sharp and it’s also fun to learn a new language.

Honestly, I need to meditate more as I know that will help tremendously with my anxiety. Where I am currently living is quite nosy throughout the day but hay, no excuses! I am aiming to meditate before I go sleep that way I have less distractions.

Next, my mood tracker

We all encounter a range of moods throughout the day.

It is interesting to see what emotions you feel every day. Perhaps there is a correlation between the type of activities you do and your mood. It is important to identify any possible triggers you may have and to avoid activities that can cause these triggers to develop.

Thirdly, my to do list

At the end of every week, I write a list of things that I need/would like to complete by the end of the following week. I find it helpful to write things down and tick it off as I go.

Lastly, my goals.

Now, I do not put immense amount of pressure on myself when it comes to setting goals.

When writing your goals, keep in mind that they should be SMART: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

My goals for June are as follows:

And so far, I’ve been reading a LOT! See, if I can do it so you can you!

Start small but aim for the stars you’ll get there.

Are there any self-care essentials that you guys do?

Let me know!