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  • Candice Williams

Travelling with anxiety

Updated: Jan 26

There is a lot going on in this crazy world, but it is so beautifullll!

I know sometimes we are stuck in our own world but what about the bigger picture.

There are so many places to visit with so much to learn. There are endless possibilities.

I have been travelling since I was an infant.

My parents were born in Guyana, South America. The first time I went to Guyana was when I was around 1 years old.

Ever since then, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. I have travelled to several cities across the globe and I am nowhere near done.

I love going on the aeroplane, I am addicted to the sun; wherever there is heat, I want to be there!

Although I get nervous at times especially as I travel alone often, I have absolutely no regrets.

We only have one life to live, I want to travel as much as I can.

When I was in college, I was given the opportunity to volunteer in New Orleans, USA. I saw New Orleans plastered on the TV screen since I was younger, so it was on my list of places to visit! Nawlins is one of the best cities I have ever visited.

From the culture, the food and the amazing people. People in the south are so sweet and welcoming.

Whilst I was out there, I helped rebuild homes affected by Hurricane Katrina. When I was working on rebuilding one home, the owner of the home, Elmo (I think that was his name o).

Elmo had throat cancer, his voice box was removed, and he was quite elderly. Although he struggled to communicate with us, his spirit spoke volumes. He tried his best to help us do construction work. He was so appreciative, and I would always remember that.

He lost everything but he seemed so happy and grateful!

Everywhere I go, I take a piece of that place with me.

Have I convinced you yet?

Yes? No? Than keep reading!

If you want to experience different cultures than travelling is a must. Learning from people with different perspectives and thoughts allows you to be like… “oh yeah I never even thought of that!”

When it comes to travelling for both short and long-haul flights, make sure you consider the following bullet points:

• Plan, plan and plan *DON’T LEAVE EVERYTHING UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE* If your planning on going away for your birthday, it may be a good idea to decide where to go and how long you want to do for.

Who do you want to go with? What type of accommodation do you want to stay in? What activities do you want to do? What is the weather going to be like? What clothes do you need to pack? Do you know of anyone who has travelled to the place you are consider travelling to? What is the currency?

Then you go to write a checklist. Do I have… …a travel adapter? …enough money? .. a padlock for my suitcase? …wireless charger? …insect repellent? …your vaccinations?

• Budget How much money would I need for excursions (day trips)? How much money does food typically cost? How much money will you put aside for spending? i.e. buying souvenirs

• Do your research! Read reviews! Before I book a hotel, I make sure that I check travel advisor and booking.com to see what other travellers thought about the area and the accommodation.

Pictures are one thing, reading other opinions are another!

Now I know its easier said than done but try your best to remain positive.

When I am a bit nervous before travelling, I keep saying: “I will get there safely, and I will have a great time”.

“I will watch some great movies on the flight”

“I will land there safely.”

“I will get some sleep on the flight”

And for extra protection I carry my crystals. I know I will arrive safely, so I just leave it to the universe to take me to my destination.

If you are still feeling nervous especially because it may be your first time going on an aeroplane, talk to your doctor and/or counsellor to see what advice they have to offer.

I encourage all of you to travel as much as you can.

I understand that everyone has responsibilities; you must work and take care of your family, but you must set some much-needed time for yourself as well.

I hope I have encouraged you guys to get out in the world and see what it has to offer.

Thank you for reading.

Take care, XO.