• Candice Williams

Starting A New Job

Updated: Jan 17

Starting a new job can be extremely daunting especially for a shy introvert.

But everyone has been the ‘new kid’ at some stage in their life. You are not the first but you won’t be the last so milk it for as long as you can (joking… or am I?)

This week has been quite crazy. I’ve started My second job. Yes, my second job (possibly my third if you count volunteering as a job).

I am back in retail once again just for the holiday season but you know more additions to the cv can’t hurt anybody.

It’s crazy how everything has changed within the last few weeks. I went from not working at all (spending the majority of my days in bed doing assignments for university) to two jobs, a placement and ANOTHER new job starting next year!

My time management skills will definitely be put to the test!

I try my hardest in all that I do and I remain hopeful that things will improve for the better. I said my daily affirmations and they came into existence. Look at the universe working!!

So back to this new job…

I was super nervous to start to be honest with you. I had a pretty rough experience during my retail job that I had two years ago. I started crying in front of my manager. However, that was two years ago and I have definitely made some positive changes since then.

Now, I am no longer sweating or stressing the small stuff! What will be, will be so let us focus on the positive!

Here are my tips for trying to keep a level head when starting a new job:

Introduce yourself to your new colleagues (if your manager hasn’t already done so) I know it can seem scary but it is nice getting to know people that you are working with. You may need to ask for their help so open the line of communication. You may have more in common with them than you think.

You will make mistakes, try your best to not let them consume you. You are new so of course you have a lot to learn. You may make mistakes in your first day, week, month, year and that is totally fine. We all learn at different paces but as long as you try your best, that is all that you can do.

You were hired. They need you! When I go into new environments, at times I feel disposable as I feel that I cannot work to the best of my ability as I do not know all the information as yet. This used to really bother me until I realised…

I have just started a new job. Man, I need to cut myself some slack!

Bear in mind that your manager wouldn’t have hired you if they didn’t see value in you!

When you clock out, CLOCK OUT When I made mistakes at my previous job, I would constantly think about it and it really used to bother me. I would go home and rerun the experience in my head, “I could have done something different. I should have done this; I should have done that…” Constantly thinking about your mistakes will not make them magically disappear. It happened. You are still employed so it must not have been that bad. You survived the shift so give yourself some credit!

Always try your best And it will show! Even though you may not be sure of certain things its ok! Ask your colleague or your manager to clear up any concerns that you may have. By doing so, you are showing initiative and that you want to progress in your work role.

During my first shift at work, I was thrown into the deep end in a sense. I was initially scared about interacting with customers but I am thankful that I managed to do so seamlessly. Although I didn’t have all the information, I always made sure to ask my colleagues or explain things to the best of my ability.

I am grateful that I have been interacting with polite customers who were patient and understanding. As long as you try to your best, only positive things can come from it.

To those who have or are starting a new job, congratulations! I wish you nothing but the best.

This is a blessing.

You are nothing short of amazing.

Your new workplace needs you so show them what you’ve got.

Thank you for reading.

Take care.

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